My path, my way

I am a witch. There, I've said it. With all full letters, W I T C H. To say this implies all the complicated explanations I have to make to my aunts who are determinated to save my soul from damnation... but, as they say, "if I go to hell, at least I'm going honest".

My love for animals and their magic led me to become a veterinarian and then to get a specialty in natural and homeopathic veterinary medicine. In my country, that's the same thing as to say that I am some sort of witchdoctor who heals animals with blood and voo-doo rituals... Yes, we are still pretty closed-minded here in Mexico.

My branch is to be eclectic. I respect all branches of magic and I respect all other faiths as long as they respect mine.

My familiar's name is Mikuni. She's a year old cat now, and she is the sunshine in my household. The only ones who seem to have problems with her are the faeries who live in my backyard because Mikuni enjoys sleeping on top of their homes...

This blog is created for the sole purpose to plunge all I know here for others to find. I will also post some interesting articles that I have found around the web, giving the all-too deserved credit to their authors and linking the pages in which I have found them. The blog roll will be filled with pages in which witchcraft and wicca come together in the midst of knowledge. I will accept critics and I promise to answer all questions with respect. I ask for nothing more.

The beginning is here. Slowly but surelly, this blog will grow. Com'on in, enjoy the ride. Welcome to a blog filled with magic, love, music, food, friends, knowledge, wisdom, and good faith. This is Acbal's Moon, and we're all welcome to it.


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