Magickal Attributes and Chants for Various Cat Species

This magickal information various members of the cat family are all written by D.J. Conway in her book Animal Magick: The Art of Recognizing and Working With Farmiliars (Llewellyn Publications, Copyright 1996). She describes the attributes, folklore and such of many different animals, and discusses how to work with real and astral familiars. This is pretty handy since most of us don’t’ have the option of having a lion in the living room! She also says the chants can be used along with visualization to attract an astral animal to help with a specific spell, ritual or purpose. Here I have included her magickal Attributes and chants dedicated to each type of cat. The book contains much more detail, as well as information on other types of animals.

Domesticated Cat

Magickal Attributes:
A strong protector, especially when faced with a confrontational situation, Knowing when to fight your way out of a bad situation or when to retreat. Independence, being self-assured. Searching for hidden information. Seeing spirits.

Littlest lion, panther in miniature,
Help me in my magickal endeavor.
Teach me to see my path through dark places.
Help me to sift the necessary from the unnecessary
And to relax and enjoy life.
Strengthen my magick and carry it to it’s destination.


Magickal Attributes:
Swiftness and speed. Increasing self esteem so that you move with a regalness of bearing. Making events occur more quickly.

Swift wind-runner, beautiful, strong,
Aid me in success,.  Take me along
On your otherworld journeys to places of light
Help me over the barriers, Give me clear sight.

Cougar (mountain lion)

Magickal Attributes:
Savagery, fiery, remorselessness cunning, hunting and seeking, freedom Using power in leadership, balancing power, intention, strength, self confidence when facing crowds or troublesome people.

Muscles rippling, free on the mountains
Great cat of cunning, hunting and seeking
Teach me quietness and stealth of purpose
Show me the secrets of quiet magick.


Magickal Attributes:
Developing the ability to walk without fear in otherworld realms. Releasing fears.
Shape-shifting jaguar, fearless and bold
Reveal to me doors to the Otherworld lands
Teach to me courage, self-confidence strong,
That I may be firm in conviction of plans
Let me ride with the thunder, that energy great,
And walk with the jaguar a path of true fate.

Leopard (panther)

Magickal Attributes:
Swiftness, cunning, strength, perseverance, boldness, beauty, gaining confidence for astral travel and otherworld journeys

Leopard gliding, through shadows sliding,
Intent on the plans in the dark of the night
Like the leopard I go, with the energy flow
On the pathway to Otherworld light
I journey for growth, for creating true worth,
For the learning of wisdom and might
With wisdom I’ll burn, while I confidently turn,
All darkness about me to conquering light.


Magickal Attributes:
Learn to relax, don’t carry the stress of one situation into another, strengthening family ties, strength, courage, energy, learning to release tension.
Creature of the Sun Lord, Beloved of the Lady
Reveal to me the ancient methods of magick
Walk beside me as I grow in strength and courage.
Sow me when to keep ties strong, and when to break them
Help me understand the times for work and the times for rest.
Mighty Lion, lend me your energies.

Lynx (bobcat)

Magickal Attributes:
Suspicion, vigilance, keenness of sight, Can lead you to understanding of mystic mysteries and occult secrets. Can help with divination skills and developing psychic senses. Uncovering secrets, either about yourself or those close to you. Sometimes one sees the lynx when one needs to turn inward and see the truth of what one is. At other times it may signal the approaching ability to move through time and space via astral travel.

Keeper of the ancient secrets
Teacher of the hidden skills
Open my heart and mind to wisdom
Fill my days with strengthened will
Reveal the fearful truth of being
The part of us we fail to see
O lynx of smiling hidden secrets
Bring aid and wisdom now to me.


Magickal Attributes:
Power, energy. If action is called for don’t’ analyze it to death, just do it! Unpleasant but necessary action only gets worse with procrastination. Finding strength and willpower to tackle an unpleasant situation.
Striped terror of the Jungles
Walker of secret paths and ancient ways
Give me the strength and courage to do what is necessary
Teach me not to cringe from actions that may cause pain, but must be done
Tiger of action, lead the way that I may know how to go confidently through my life.



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