Beltane Fire Burns

In this holy night we turn,
Let the Beltane Fires burn!
Bless the lady and the lord
Call to them and beg threefold
Dance and sing and call out loud
Turn around and shout it out

In this night the gates are down
See the fairy folk dance till dawn
In this night let the fires burn
Dance and dance ‘till the night will turn
Shout out loud and bless the love
Call it out and dance above

Fire! Fire! Burn so high
Shine so high in the Beltane sky
Warm our hearts with your heat
Till they are drumming in the same beat
Spring sky over our heads
Leaves and flowers are our beds
Let us dance and let us love
Beltane sky is high above

Fire! Fire! Burn so high
Burn into our hearts and the Beltane sky
Brothers and sisters, bless this night
Call out loud and celebrate bright
Lord and lady, blessed be

I’m calling out so mote it be!




I adore the new look of your site. Light, powerful, feminine, informative and captivating. Very lovely!

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