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  Love and Lust Spells

Love magic comes in many forms. There is love of self, romantic love, family love, and lust magic. To the wich, all forms of love are acceptable. You can do magic for a lifetime partner or to meet someone right here, right now. As long as you harm none, including yourself, you are fine. Just make sure you are being honest with yourself and what you really want.

Moon: Waxing to gain or to improve a love; waning to release a relationship.
Elements: Water, fire, earth, air – it all depends on the type of love.
Planets: Venus, Mars, Sun, Neptune.
Signs: Leo, Libra, Scorpio.

 Lust Spell
To be Performed on Tuesday Night Only
You will need:
©      Picture of desired person
©      A pink candle
©      Pen or Pencil (if pen, let it be a red ink pen)

Cast a circle. Invoke Venus with this chant:

Venus, mighty one of lust!
I call upon you with your trust
To bring this person to me now
Your fragile trust is your vow!

Light your candle and chant while visualizing you and your desired person doing what you wish.

(Desired person’s name) please come to me,
Fufill my desire successfully
I beg of you to come to me
As I will, so mote be.

Take the picture and write your name and the desired person’s name on the back, Kiss the picture and place it to your heart, visualizing your desire coming forth. Extinguish the candle and place the picture in your pillow case.


Black Passion Lust spell
You will need:

©      Rose petals
©      A red candle
©      Black passion incense

Cast your circle wit the rose petals and draw energy around you. Chant:

The circle is cast, and I am now between the worlds,
Beyond the bounds of time, where night and day,
Birth and death, joy and sorrow meet as one.
It is in this place that I invoke the tantric powers of Hecate.

Draw Hecate within you through meditation. Feel Hecate’s presence around you.
And now, we are as one.
So mote it be!

Raise the energy. Put the candle in the circle’s center. Light it visualizing your lust into the candle. Say the subject’s name and chant:

And now, the spell will be cast.
I, (your name) cast a spell of lust over (desired person’s name)
Let him/her have thoughts, wishes, and dreams
Of umbridled lust and passion for me.
Who is he/she brother/sister in the ocean of time
So Mote it be.

As you light the candle, concentrate your full energy into the spell. Chant:

And as I light this candle,
It is done with no ill consequences to anyone,
Me included.
Dismiss, thank and close.

To Attrack True Love

You need:
©      A consegrated pink candle
©      Jasmine incense
©      Rosemary.

Light the jazmine incense. As you do so, imagine the kind of person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. This person should be not a specific person, but rather the things that you desire in your lover. Say the qualities that you want in your tue love out loud as your light your pink candle. Fill the candle with your energy to attrack this person to your life. Sprinkle rosemary onto the flame while chanting:

These are the things I want in you
A man/woman who’s loving, loyal, and true
I ask for the spirits of all those above
To send me my one and only true love.

Say this as many times as needed and then extinguish the candle.


A Love Spell
You will need:
©      One red or pink candle, consegrated
©      Love oil
©      Pink or red crayon or pen
©      Pin
©      A pink or red piece of paper

Cast your circle. Visualize the type of man/woman you want to be with. Make sure yo visualizr everything you are looking for (looks, hair, job, personality, sensitivity, honesty, loyalty, etc). Write with the pin into the candle “love come to me” and annoint the candle with oil, starting at the top to center; change hands and do the same from bottom to center. While you do this, concentrate on your lover, focusing all your energy into the candle. Light it with the fire of your circle candle and set it on your altar.

Take the piece of paper aqnd write on it “love come to me”. Encircle the words with touching hearts and set the paper under the candle.
Place both hands to the candle’s sides and chant:

By the power of hope and truth,
By the power of the old and youth,
In true love with him I want to be,
By the power of the universe, let love come to me.

Repeat chant three times. After, take the piece of paper and set it on fire with the love candle’s fire and repeat the chant. Throw the paper into heat-proof cauldron and say “so mote it be”. Close your circle.

If you wish for your spell to be stronger, repeat during the next two nights.


To Deepen the Love Between Two People

You will need:

©      2 Red human candles, one male & one female
©      1 black candle
©      1 white candle
©      Strawberry leaves
©      Adam & Eve root (2 pieces)
©      Deep plate or dish
©      Pieces of rose quartz
©      Rose petals
©      Crushed Mandrake roots

Light the black & white candles on your altar, the black on the left, the white on the right.

Bore a small hole into the heart area of each human candle (or one hole at each chakra point). Put a small pinch of the love herbs into the hole. Scratch your name on one candle, your lover’s name on the other. Face them together on a round plate or deep dish. Write your initials on one piece of Adam & Eve root and your lover’s initials on the other. Place the 2 pieces between the two candles. Add rose quartz and rose petals on the plate between the candles. Tie the candle with a red string clockwise. Light both candles and let them burn down till the dish is a prool of wax. Let it cool. Remove the wax now embeded with the other ingredients. Bury it on the night of a full moon for an ongoing relationship or on the night of the new moon for a new relationship.


A Strong Spell for Love and Passion
You will need:
©      Fire
©      Rosehips
©      A red paper heart

Write your name and the name of the person you wish to love you upon the red paper heart. Build a fire, and when the flames are at their fullest, throw in the rosehips. Concentrate and picturethe person in the fire as you chant:

God and Goddess, I appeal to you
From fire’s breath and love anew
Roses offered through the flames divine
Take (name of person) ‘s heart and make it mine!

Hold the paper heart to your heart for a moment, focusing your energy towards the spell. Throw it into the flames, and as you watch it burn to ashes, close the spell:

God and Goddess, your help I seek
To turn aside emotions weak
And help true love bind me to this,
I seal my spell with passion’s kiss.

As an ending to this ritual, for love is a dangerous thing to play with, you might consider adding, “and if it is not for the good of all, may my spell not come to pass”. Blessed be.


 Venus Love Spell
You will need:

©      1 red heart cloth
©      1 red candle
©      1 Mirror
©      1 white cloth
©      7 pins
©      1 Scent of Venus incense stick (or substitute with basil, rose, or lavender)
©      Ylang Ylang oil

Begin the spell on Friday, the day traditionally associated to Vienus. Repeat the ritual for seven consecutive nights.

After a cleansing ritual and relaxin bath, perfume your body with Ylan-Ylang oil. Choose a magic area in your bedroom. Lay out a white cloth and position yourself in front of the mirror. Cast your circle, light the candle and the incense. As you focus on your sexual energy, chant:

I call thee, beloved one,
To love me more than anyone,
Seven times I pierce thy heart,
Today the magic of Venus starts.
I bind thy heart and soul to me
As I do will, so let it be.

Repeat the chant 7 times, placing the pins in the heart one at a time after saying “seven times I pierce thy heart”. Snuff the ceremonial candle and incense. Leave the pins in the heart until the following night.


To Start a Passionate Affair with Thou Person’s Desire
You will need:
©      A sky-blue candle
©      A knife/athame
©      Parchment Paper
©      Dove’s Blood ink

Cast your circle. Using the consegrated knife /Athame, cut the candle into seven pieces. Add to this, seven strips of parchment paper and upon them scribe both first and last names of the lover using the dove’s blood. Fold the strips in two lenghwise.

Lighten the 1st piece of candle and burn one strip of the paper. Chant:

Spirit of the dark love goddess dear,
Bring (name of the person desired) to  my arms right here,
Let me kindle the flame of desire,
And my love always with passion inspire.

This chant shall be done seven times in all. Your vision must be firm of what is intended. Allow the candle to burn for one hour. The spell has to be repeated each night, burning a new piece of the candle and the paper.


Love Oil Spell
You will need:
©      1 pink candle (natural fat wax candles are the best)
©      1 bottle of 100% virgin olive oil
©      A pin

Take the candle and place it on your altar. Take the olive oil and rub it onto the candle starting in the middle and going up, then starting in the middle and going up, all the time concentrating your energy upon your wish. Visualize your emotions and love onto the candle.

Using the pin, carve into the candle what is it that you desire. After this, light your candle and concetrate upon love and throw all your emotions into the spell. Do so untill the candle is burned out.

Love Charm
You will need:

©      1 rose quartz
©      2 teaspoons of rose petals
©      ½ teasponns of yarrow
©      ½ teaspoons raspberry leaves
©      ½ teaspoons of orris root
©      1 teaspoon damiana
©      1 teaspoon of mandrake root
©      9 drops of rose oil
©      5 drops of patchouli oil
©      1 teaspoon of dragon’s blood
©      1 red bag
©      1 red or pink candle
©      Parchment
©      Dove’s blood ink

Do this spell on the last Friday before the full moon!

Write a petition spell and burn it with the candle’s flame to add the ashes to this. Be sure to write clear intentions of what you want. Place all the contents on the red bag and wear it around your neck.

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