The Science of Magic

The Science of Magic
from the Book "The Inner Temple of Witchcraft" 
by Christopher Penczak

Magic Theory allows serious students of the craft to find an intelligent, sophisticated model of the universe that deals with the use of abilities usually dismissed by mainstream society. Doing a ritual or reciting a spell can seem silly the first time around, but understanding the reasons behind the ritual or chant can lend it credibility. Without this, a portion of our mind is always doubting our magical actions. Many old superstitions have a basis in metaphysics, but if you do not understand that basis, they continue to be superstitions. Despite popular opinion, witchcraft is not superstitious. The practitioners of this craft have very  specific reasons for doing things. An educated witch understands how real magic works in the modern world and can discuss it intelligently even with someone who may not necessarily believe in it.

Since the beginning of civilization, there have been philosophers asking the tough questions, seeking to understand. These scholars sought to understand the nature of the universe and how humanity interacts with it. In ancient cultures, the use of magic, charms, and pychic abilities was not only well documented, but accepted as a fact. Scholars, who often were practitioners of such arts, desired to understand intellectually the evidence right before their eyes, to know intimately how will and intent interacted with certain forces, through symbol, charm, chant, or ingredient, to effect a change. As a result of this quest, occurring in many places in the world, over many eras, various theories and laws were established. Thse are not laws in the sense of morals of a society, but are similar to the laws of the physical sciences.

These laws are some of the best explanations we have for the phenomena of magic, spells, and psychic powers. Since the modern magic community is not as united as the modern scientific community, there is no general agreement on what exactly these "laws" are, although those who choose to study magic theory come across various texts with the same basic ideas described in a multitude of ways. Depending on what tradition and culture of magic you study, you may prefer one form over another. Modern magica scholars have coined many of their own terms, building on the foundations of the past, to better explain the process of magic. Magic is not a musty old discipline, but a strong, growing tree, weaving together branches from the ancient and modern worlds.

For more on the subject, read "The Inner Temple of Witchcraft: Magick, Meditation, and Psychic Development" by Christopher Penczak

Inner Temple of Witchcraft


The Dance of Life (Poetry)

by: Conrad Aiken (1889-1973)
      RACIOUS and lovable and sweet,
      She made his jaded pulses beat,
      And made the glare of streets grow dim
      And life more soft and hushed for him....
      Over her shoulder now she smiled
      Trustfully to him, like a child,
      The while her fingers gayly moved
      Alonge these white keys dearly loved,
      Making them laugh a jocund measure,
      Making them show and sing her pleasure....
      A smile that dwelt upon his eyes,
      To see what mood might therein rise,--
      What point of soft light seen afar
      Which might dilate to moon or star....
      A smile that for a second space
      Brooded wistfully on her face,
      Opening soft her spirit's door,
      Disclosing depths undreamed before:
      Passionate depths of half-seen flame,
      Young loveliness despising shame,
      Desire that trembled to meet desire,
      And fire that yearned to fuse with fire....
      And lightly then she turned away,
      Ironic music rippled gay,--
      Subtle sarcastic flippancies
      Disguising speechless ecstasies...
      "Play something else..." He rose to turn
      The pages, while the deep nocturne
      Struck slow rich chords of plangent pain,
      Beautiful, into heart and brain;
      A tortured, anguished, suffering thing
      That seemed at once to cry and sing;
      Despairing love that strove to find
      The face beloved with fingers blind.
      He saw her body's slender grace,
      This drooping shoulder, shadowed face;
      All of her body, hidden so
      In saffron satin's flush and flow,--
      Its white and simple loveliness,--
      Came on his heart like giddiness,
      Seductive as this music came;
      Until her body seemed like flame,--
      Intense white flame, so swiftly moving
      That it gave scarcely time for loving;
      But rapid as the sun she seemed,
      A blinding light that flowed and streamed
      And sang and shone through roaring space....
      The sun itself! for now her face,
      Wherein this music's whole soul dwelt,
      Drew him like helpless star, he felt
      A fierce compulsion, reckless, mad,
      A sweet compulsion, troubled, glad,
      His trembling hands went out to her,
      Her cool flesh made his senses blur;
      While, head thrown backward, sinking dim,
      She opened wide her soul to him....
      Past his life went whirls of lights,
      Chaos of music, days and nights,
      Her wild eyes yearned to lure him in
      And close him up in dark of sin,
      To lure him in and drink him down
      And all his soul in love to drown....
      Her nakedness he seemed to see.
      And breast to breast, and knee to knee,
      Tremulous, breathless, swaying, burning,
      Body to beautiful body yearning,
      In joy and terror, flesh to flesh,
      They flamed in passion's fine red mesh,--
      Living in one short breath again
      The cosmic tide's whole bliss and pain,
      Darkness and ether, nebulous fire,
      Vast suns whirled forth by vast desire,
      Huge moons flung out with monstrous mirth
      And stars in glorious hells of birth,
      All jubilating, blazing, reeling,
      An orgiastic splendor wheeling,
      Moon torn from earth and star from sun
      In screaming pain, titanic fun,
      And stars whirled back to sun again
      To be consumed in flaming pain!...
      In them at last all life was met:
      They were God's self! This earth had set.
      Mad fires of life sang through their veins,
      Ruinous blisses, joyous pains,
      Life the destroyer, life the breaker,
      And death, the everlasting maker....

The Magic of Food: Love

From Scott Cunningham's "Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen"

There are many forms of love. Most of the foods mentioned here can be used for love in all its manifestations.

All love starts from within. We cannot and must not give love to others before we have respect and love for ourselves. Except out of compassion or pity, who would love us if we dont even like ourselves?

One of the physical manifestations of self love is taking care of ourselves. Food, which certainly affects our bodies, also affects our emotions. It can be a powerful tool in creating self love and, once this has been accomplished, to bring us into aloving, multifaceted relationship with another person.

The old saying, The way to a mans heart is through his stomach is certainly true, even if sexist. In the early stages of a relationship, preparing meals for your love is an outward manifestation of your feelings. You not only care enough to cook for him (or her), youre also directly contributing to that persons survival by offering him or her the food necessary for life. 

On the other hand, eating food specifically prepared for you by another is not only a gratifying, nourishing experience, it also shows your trust in that person (at least, your trust that she or he wont deliberately poison you).

Candlelit dinners in a small restaurant, with splits of champagne and tasty food are designed to create emotional intimacy between the diners. Dining out is an accepted part of the dating process, and can certainly be continued with good effect during magical diets.

To gain the magical effects of these love foods, however, they should be prepared and eaten at home. If youve already established a relationship with another person, prepare the dishes together. This implies an equal, harmonious relationship. Simple eat these foods and visualize if youre not currently enjoying a relationship. You soon will be.

Start with the love for the self, then branch out in search of another. If you already have another, deepen the relationship with these foods. 

Dont make the common mistake of believing these foods will produce a desire for sex. These are love foods, after all.

Spices and Herbs
Poppy seed
Add these spices to soups, fish, and other love-inducing foods. Visualize yourself as a loving, accepting person.

Veggies, Fruits, and Seeds
Sweet potato
Passion fruit
Brazil nut
Pine nut

Serve fresh fruit salads. Carve hearts into the peel of an apple and eat or share it with a lover. In making pies, trace a heart into the upper crust. Place a bowl of nuts on a table. Sit before it and hold a nut in your hand, visualizing love, and eat the nut. Repeat nine times. Any dishes that cointain these nuts are also effective. Remember, thekey to any food magic is visualization!

Drinks & Desserts
Apple pie
Carob bars
Cherry vanilla ice cream
Chocolate cake
Chocolate ice cream
Ginger ice cream
Fudge ripple ice cream
Lemon chiffon pie
Key lime pie
Neapolitan ice cream
Strawberry ice cream
Creme de cacao
Dessert wines
Orange curacao
White wine

Other Love Foods
Chocolate in all forms
Dill bread
Maple syrup
Rye bread
Strawberry jam

Preparing and Cooking Love Foods
1.          Burn a pink candle in the kitchen while preparing foods.
2.      Chop veggies and fruits into round, flat shapes or use a melon ball tood to create spheres, or cut into heart shapes.
3.      Combine the foods in various ways, i.e. a love shake of milk, vanilla ice cream, and a melted chocolate bar Or an avocado and tomato sandwich on rye bread.
4.     Strongly visualize love.

The Magic in the Kitchen

The Magic in the Kitchen
(from Cunnigham's Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen)

The basis of magic is power. Through magicians have used it for thousands of years, we still dont know what power is. But we do know how to work with it. Magic is the movement ofnatural but subtle energies to  manifest needed change. These energies exist within ourselves, within our world and within all natural objects. These energies share a common source, even if their specific manifestations are quite different. What is this common source?

Three types of energy are used in magic. These are personal power (the energy that our bodies possess), earth power (that which resides within our planet and within plants, stones, water, fire, the atmosphere, and animals) and divine power (which has not yet been brought to Earth in specific forms). Magic always utilizes personal power. In Folk magic, Earth power is used as well: the magician arouses her or his own power through visualization or physical extertion. Then  Earth power is awakened through visualization (the process of creating images in the mind). Visualization tunes these energies, altering them in order to make them useful for a specific purpose. Once this has  been accomplished, and it is easily done, the magician blends the energies. However, food magic is unique in offering a very natural method of uniting these two energies.

For example: Marjorie wants to increase her income. Shes working hard at her job and brings home a regular paycheck, but she cant seem to go ahead in her bills. She has a need: more money. Being familiar with food magic, she decides to add some money energizing food to her meals. She checks and come sup with three foods for the first day: oatmeal for breakfast, a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich for lunch and fresh tomatoes for dinner. The next morning, Marjorie lights a green candle in the kitchen and as the wick catches flame, she sees herself free from finantial strain. She visualizes herself paying her bills on time and enjoying the use of more money. Marjorie doesnt hope that this happens, she SEES it has already occurred. She continues to visualize as she pours water into a glass pot and measures the oatmeal. Once the measuring cup is full, she sets it on the kitchen counter and places her hands on either side of it. Marjorie visualizes as strongly as she can. She then adds the oatmeal to the water and cooks it as usual. When the oatmeal is done she moves the green candle to the kitchen table, serves her oatmeal to her liking and spoons the cooked oatmeal into a bowl. She may or may not chant something money wise before eating, but simply renew her visualization. Then she finally eats the oatmeal. With every hot bite she feels money energy pouring into her body. She can sense that her body is responding, welcoming both the nourishing food and its prosperous energy. Marjorie pinches out the candle and returns the taper to a kitchen drawer until the next magical meal. She repeats the same ritual for at least one food per meal. Though shell have the peanut butter and jelly at work, shell prepare it with the same care and visualization and will eat it the same way during her lunch break.

In magic, we use visualization to create images of the change that weve decided to make. It wouldnt have helped Marjorie to visualize stacks of unpaid bills, to see herlsef scrounging in her purse for the last of her pennies, or to picture herself thrown out of her apartment. These are symptoms of her problem and PROBLEMS ARE NEVER VISUALIZED. Instead, the solution to the problem and the outcome of the magical ritual is visualized. This is why Amanda saw herself paying the bills and enjoying the extra money. This isnt positive thinking, thought that plays a part. Magical visualization is actually POSITIVE IMAGINING.

Visualization is the most advanced magical technique necessary for the successful practice of food magic. This IS food magic. It consists of choosing foods, prepare them with a purpose, and eat them. Since we all have to eat to survive, why shouldnt we make our meals more than nourishment rituals?


A new year is here! (and the rest of my 12 days of yule)

A new year is here. And like John said, "and what have you done"? Did you manage to acomplish all you set yourself to do at the beginning? Did you lose those extra pounds? Did you travel? Did you get out of the Broom Closet? I sure didn't! (hah! and you thought I was going to go all wise and divine here on you, did cha?) I think I actually GAINED the pounds and traveled as far as my job here and there... but what I did do was to get out of the broom closet and it was the most stress-relieving thing E-VER.

But this year things are different. I can just FEEL it. As Yule came to a closing, the light of hope shines upon us once more and brings us to that point in life where we have to think about the things we want to achieve this coming year. And again, we think that we want to be healthier, that we want to loose those pounds, that we want to be closer to our family, that we want to travel... but do we really REALLY want to achieve all this or is just a way to trick ourselves onto doing something --- like, doing something just to make it seem like we are DOING something rather than just waste time away?

How about instead of wanting to be all that... how about just looking in the mirror every day and saying ONE THING you LOVE about yourself? Sure! We want OTHERS to tell us these things, but when it comes to you telling YOU, "hey there, gorgeous! I couldn't go through this day without YOU!" it takes on a completely different spin, doesn't it? Why? How come we believe what others tells us about US instead of giving us the cheery cheer? I say... SCREW IT!! I will not be subjected to other's telling me when to feel good about ME!! Try it. Take it for a test drive for this month. Then, write to me and tell me how this affirmation made you feel. Trust me, the more positive thinking you do on your behalf, the better the chances your aura and energy fields are open to the world and good things will come your way.

Plus, it will make spells come a lot easier! ;)

So, my project this month is "TELLING MYSELF HOW MUCH I LOVE MYSELF AND LETTING ME KNOW THAT I AM A TRUE MOONBEAM" Purifying my aura with the fresh moonlight of January and the sunbeams of the just born God of Light will aid me in my endeveours and I hope they do yours too.

But, enough of my rambling.

How was YOUR day??

I have still to finish my Days of Yule things. I mean, posting them. So, I thought that today was going to be such a day. I shall proceed to post the rest of the Days of Yule as I have them written on my personal journal.

5th Day of Yule – Remembering the Noble Virtue of Honor
December 24th
Honor is the ability to hold your head high in all situations. We set standards for ourselves and live according to those standards. We are not encouraged to set low standards, rather, set high standards and work toward them continually, even behind closed doors.

Le Integrite!

These are words that Marjonie's grandmother said to her in the movie Persepolis. The one thing you have, the one thing no one can take away from you is your honor. This is the thing that make others rely on you, and see you as a trustworthy person. To have a set of values -- a code if you will, in which you balance good and evil perfectly (because you cannot be good all the time, com'on!). This is why the wiccan rede sets it very clear:

To Harm None.

Reach your goals without harming people/nature along the way. Have respect for others. Have respect for your mother nature, your father time and your brothers and sisters. And never set yourself for failure. That, to me, is honorable.

6th Day of Yule – Remembering the Noble Virtue of Fidelity
December 25th
We must remain loyal to who and what we are. Those around us need to have the ability to take us at our word, and our word needs to be our bond. Our handshake needs to seal the deal. The devotion to our deeds has to be of the uttermost importance.

Positively speaking, When we lose ourselves, we lose the sense of who we are. And as soon as this happens, our place in this world is unbalanced. And unbalanced energy only brings unbalanced waves our way. Be true to you, be true to others and never allow what others might think or say about you change who you really are. People around you who love you and respect you will Love and Respect you NO MATTER WHAT. The moment you change to please others you destroy that essense the Goddess and God have made for YOU. Remember, YOU are UNIQUE in your OWN WAY. Why try changing that? 

(I say "positevely speaking" because there are some people who do need to change their ways -- for the better, such as alcoholics, drug additct, etc... those people who bring harm to others)

7th Day of Yule – Remembering the Noble Virtue of Hospitality
December 26th
Welcome those into your house and your life as you can. In today’s world, we cannot trust everyone with whom we come in contact, but we can exercise caution and be as welcoming as possible. Similarly, be a proper and respectful guest when you are welcomed.

Juarez people are known throughout Mexico as being the most hospitality-giving people. Or at least, we were known as that before all the madness started going on here. And even when, we still manage to be welcoming.

A few months ago I had the opportunity to welcome people from Mexico City to my town. They came to apply a teacher certification exam and it was their first time here. As they always do, they called and told us when they would be arriving. We offered the hotel stay and the transport. The day came, I went to pick them up at the airport and told them to be calmed as there are a lot of military check points along the highway. Then drove them to the hotel, asked them if they were hungry and as such told them to settle in, and be ready two hours later to go out for dinner. Took them to dinner at one of Juarez' most delicious restaurants, and then we agreed that I waas going to pick them up to go to the examination place the next morning. Examination came and went and afterwards I took them to luch and told them that the teachers wanted to take them out for dinner that afternoon. Since their flight back to Mexico was set for the next morning, they had no problem in accepting, so we ended-up having dinner, kareoke party and a frew drinks that evening. As I was driving them to the airport the next day, they both said that they were leaving with a different impresion of what Juarez is like. They had pictured us to be rude, violent people... but they saw an entire different scenario from the TRUE Juarez people: warm, welcoming, and willing to make their city change.

It is hard to have this virtue nowadays, but when you practice it, it comes back to you three times fold. I cannot tell you how many times have examinors, tutors, or conference people come over to my town and just by being polite, and welcoming I have made lots of friends! I have homes to arrive to whenever I want to visit Mexico City, Mazatlan, Puebla, Vallarta.... and it's all because of the little details such as the ones I described for the two examinors above.

8th Day of Yule – Remembering the Noble Virtue of Discipline
December 27th
Our Way is not an easy way. In many aspects, we fly in the face of the society around us. Stay True to the ideals of Ancient Celtic Ways, as they unfold in your life. Be diligent in the study of your beliefs. Stay True to the goddesses.

I am, by far, one of the most un-disciplined person I know. Honestly. And it's a fault I am working very hard to turn around. It's not been an easy road, I'll tell you that, but I am trying... and slowly I think I am acheiving this goal.

Discipline, in all aspects, is what in the long run will bring you all that you plow. But you have to be consistent, orderly, and know that, like anything in life, you have to dedicate yourself to whatever you're passionate about.

9th Day of Yule – Remembering the Noble Virtue of Industriousness
December 28th
Life requires that we work hard. Never sit back and take the easy way out in regards to your ability to create a lifestyle for yourself. No matter the lifestyle you choose, know that your elevation in life, or lack of it, may (but not always) be the direct result of your depth of diligence. Do the best you can, and know that your efforts have been suitably rewarded.

 I think that, like Discipline, being Industriousness comes along with the turf. We work hard to obtain what we desire. Even rock stars and movie stars have to work hard to get the success they have... yes, even Justin Biever had to work hard at some point in his life to achieve what he has right now. Working hard in what we like to achieve a point of sucess in life makes the road sweet and light. Sometimes we might not like our job, but we must not take it as a burden. Remember: there are others who are not that lucky and wish they could work to have something to bring home.

10th Day of Yule – Remembering the Noble Virtue of Self-Reliance
December 29th
Do not create codependent relationships in any way. Do not let your happiness, or your success, be determined by anyone else. Be responsible for yourself. Rely on your own efforts to secure your needs.

 Read the beginning of this blog... You'll see what I mean....

11th Day of Yule – Remembering the Noble Virtue of Perseverance
December 30th
If you give up, you die. It really is simple, isn’t it? No matter what you are doing, see it to its conclusion. Even if you try and fail, realize that the only real failure is not trying. Failure is evidence that someone has tried. Success is failure defeated.

Never give up. Sometimes the gold is at the bottom of barrels of crap! Had I ever given up, I would have never brought the Cambridge Certification to my school. Had I ever given up, I would have never started an MA in Education. Had I ever given up, I would have never be at this point in life, telling you to never give up.

"Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you'll still land amongst the starts!" -- Les Brown

12th Night
December 31st
Thus ends the season of Yule as we prepare for the upcoming year. It's a time to remember from whence you came as well as a time to make plans for the near future. Take oaths, make promises, hold inventory so you know your present position in relation to where you want to be. Remember, "Luck often enough will save a woman (or man) if her (or his) courage holds” (The Celtic Warrior).

I promise to make my life more complete. Never giving up to achieve my goals and never harming people along the way.
I promise to myself to be stronger and not let anyone else tell me what to think, to do, or to feel. I promise to myself that I will always love me, no matter what happens.
I promise to be more patient, disciplined and diligent in my studies, both in witchcraft and in my MA
I promise that this year I will make an effort to get out more. I want to travel to other parts of my country and leave a little bit of my energy there. 
I promise I will stop cheating myself out of being happy and I will no longer sabotage myself to dig a hole on the ground from which later I have to climb out of.
I promise to be patient with others, as they will not always be as positive-filled as I hope they are. People sometimes show you their worst face but in the long run, they always show a positive light. 
I promise to clean my car!
I promise to be patient with Suzie -- she's still in training.
I promise to allow the Goddess into my life more. I promise to honor her, to honor the God in his sabbats, and to walk the path they have set for me with honor and respect towards all living things.
I promise to live.
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