The Magic in the Kitchen

The Magic in the Kitchen
(from Cunnigham's Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen)

The basis of magic is power. Through magicians have used it for thousands of years, we still dont know what power is. But we do know how to work with it. Magic is the movement ofnatural but subtle energies to  manifest needed change. These energies exist within ourselves, within our world and within all natural objects. These energies share a common source, even if their specific manifestations are quite different. What is this common source?

Three types of energy are used in magic. These are personal power (the energy that our bodies possess), earth power (that which resides within our planet and within plants, stones, water, fire, the atmosphere, and animals) and divine power (which has not yet been brought to Earth in specific forms). Magic always utilizes personal power. In Folk magic, Earth power is used as well: the magician arouses her or his own power through visualization or physical extertion. Then  Earth power is awakened through visualization (the process of creating images in the mind). Visualization tunes these energies, altering them in order to make them useful for a specific purpose. Once this has  been accomplished, and it is easily done, the magician blends the energies. However, food magic is unique in offering a very natural method of uniting these two energies.

For example: Marjorie wants to increase her income. Shes working hard at her job and brings home a regular paycheck, but she cant seem to go ahead in her bills. She has a need: more money. Being familiar with food magic, she decides to add some money energizing food to her meals. She checks and come sup with three foods for the first day: oatmeal for breakfast, a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich for lunch and fresh tomatoes for dinner. The next morning, Marjorie lights a green candle in the kitchen and as the wick catches flame, she sees herself free from finantial strain. She visualizes herself paying her bills on time and enjoying the use of more money. Marjorie doesnt hope that this happens, she SEES it has already occurred. She continues to visualize as she pours water into a glass pot and measures the oatmeal. Once the measuring cup is full, she sets it on the kitchen counter and places her hands on either side of it. Marjorie visualizes as strongly as she can. She then adds the oatmeal to the water and cooks it as usual. When the oatmeal is done she moves the green candle to the kitchen table, serves her oatmeal to her liking and spoons the cooked oatmeal into a bowl. She may or may not chant something money wise before eating, but simply renew her visualization. Then she finally eats the oatmeal. With every hot bite she feels money energy pouring into her body. She can sense that her body is responding, welcoming both the nourishing food and its prosperous energy. Marjorie pinches out the candle and returns the taper to a kitchen drawer until the next magical meal. She repeats the same ritual for at least one food per meal. Though shell have the peanut butter and jelly at work, shell prepare it with the same care and visualization and will eat it the same way during her lunch break.

In magic, we use visualization to create images of the change that weve decided to make. It wouldnt have helped Marjorie to visualize stacks of unpaid bills, to see herlsef scrounging in her purse for the last of her pennies, or to picture herself thrown out of her apartment. These are symptoms of her problem and PROBLEMS ARE NEVER VISUALIZED. Instead, the solution to the problem and the outcome of the magical ritual is visualized. This is why Amanda saw herself paying the bills and enjoying the extra money. This isnt positive thinking, thought that plays a part. Magical visualization is actually POSITIVE IMAGINING.

Visualization is the most advanced magical technique necessary for the successful practice of food magic. This IS food magic. It consists of choosing foods, prepare them with a purpose, and eat them. Since we all have to eat to survive, why shouldnt we make our meals more than nourishment rituals?


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