Blessed Be. The New Year Notes Kalavan Made my Half-Sleepy Brain take...

Blessed be, my mother Moon --- Blessed be, my father Sun. May the year that has reached us brings us blessings to rejoice in. May it bring us lessons to lean and reflect upon. May it bring us love and light and that the tears and sorrow serve to teach us to get up, dust it off and keep on following the paths you have set for us.

2012 is a year of evolution. All the revolution and twists that 2011 brought to our lives are to take shape in 2012. A year of revelation -- a year of taking the blind fold from our eyes and face the music. How can we claim to help our world if we cannot see to the mirror and help ourselves become stronger? How can we mend our environment if we cannot nurture ourselves back to the energetic healing we need? Time to fix YOU. Time to heal YOU. Time to end the circles and the vices that are NOT WORKING for YOU.

2012 is not the end of the world, it's the ending of the cycle. Your world ends to begin a newer, more energetic one. Those who are resistant to the changes, those who do not wish to change their ways, those who do not wish to align themselves with the nurturing energy flowing around us are the ones who will find that the end of their world is chaotic and catastrophic. Those who are open to allow their wounds to be healed, those who are open to allow the universe's energy flow through them are those who will be ready for the new order. 

Pray. Chant. Meditate. Ask help from the angels and the spirits. Feel your mother's love run through your fingers. Feel your father's protection around you. Do not be afraid. Rejoice. Evolve. 



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