Huellas en la Bajamar (Footprints by the Seashore)

I left my home --- the desertic landscape that is Juarez to seek peace and relaxation in the seashore of Puerto Vallarta. A lot of you take this image and think that I took the vacation, partied all night, visited the hot spots... and ten years ago you would be correct. But it was more than that. I needed to seek my spirit, cleanse it, and release all that extra weight that I have been carrying around for years.

I reached the beach at sunset, the warm watery waves crashing against my feet. As I sat down and allowed the sea to come at its own pace, I looked up at the sky, feeling the last beaming sunrays as they let way to the night. I had in my hand two stones. At first I didn't know why I was compelled to take the two stones with me... but I was certain that my Desert Father wanted me to do so, and who was I to complain?

I sat there, alone, in silence, feeling the sea, the sand, the noise the waves make when they crash against the break, the air... Then, I felt it, a voice inside that asked why was I there, what was the problem. Was I happy? Why was I sad? What was so wrong in my life that made me feel so angry, so frustrated against everything and everybody... I took in a deep breath and started talking. I talked about everything that I felt was wrong with me, with the way things were taking shape in my life, of how I felt so frustrated that I wanted to change but couldn't seem to manage it, of how I wanted to vanish from thie world and just forget about everything. I talked about my heart, my soul, my deep thoughts and inner feelings. I asked for advice, wisdom and strength to balance all  my life's mirrors. I wanted to know what were the things I was doing wrong and how could I change them. I wanted to know what were the things I was doing right and how could I keep it up... and most of all, I wanted to know how to return to me --- how to block bad people from my life, how to attrack that positive energy again. I wanted to wash all the negativity and allow the good things in... I wanted a new perspective, a new soul. I was tired of feeling tired, of feeling the way I felt.

Take a stone, charge it with all that bad energy, the sea said in its language. Take all the pain, all the anger, all the frustration, everything and place it inside the stone. If it breaks, it means it was too little of a stone for all that anger. Take a bigger one and try again. Pour everything in to it --- everything. Do not leave anything behind, even if it's small and stupid, even if it seems like it's not worth while. Everything that bothers you, everything that you are carrying around. All of it... then, give it to me. I shall destroy it deep within the water. I shall create a storm and release it into the universe to it will turn into good. Release it as I will release it, with force, with no mercy --and then take the second stone and fill it with your hopes and dreams, with your wishes and your expectations. Fill it. The stone will not break for we usually carry more anger than we do hope. Do it. Release it into the waters and after all the pain is gone, I will shine this stone under the moonlight for those wishes and hopes and aspirations to grow... grow and form clouds that will feed the mountains, the desert plains, and the rivers. It will return to you... wash your energy in my water. Feel yourself be born again.

As I did this and walked into the sea to be washed in the salty waters, I felt all that energy just melt away. I felt like the loving embrace of an understanding father and a nurturing mother all around. I chanted the rest of the way out, danced in the seashore, laughed and rolled around. I had found my cure.

Feel my energy, little ones. I will shower you with my rainbow for I took your baggage and tossed into the ocean too.


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