Moon and Sea

After a long time of absence, I am here... and I ask for your forgiveness, Gods and Goddesses, angels and demons, because I have left this blog so unattended for so long.

Life has been somewhat slow... and maybe the reasons I have not focused my energies on this blog were that I wanted to do some self-inspection and see what the heck was going on inside my soul that seemed to have me in a very sad, very depressed mood. It eventually has started to get clear... and I think that my next road trip will finally put an end to a circle of vices that I want to get rid of. Past lovers, past energies, bad auto-mojo, and clean my aura. I think I've been carrying baggage that does not belong to me for far too long. I want to leave it behind, maybe the Lord of the Sea can help me dispose of it.

Why do we do this? We cling on to things for so long that it comes a time when we can no longer carry them around... and even when we are well aware of it, we still do it. As if it was a curse, or something we are meant to do. This is one of the reasons -- I think -- that we cannot move on and be happy. Small resentments become big stone crosses, heartbreaks become bitter acid that eats away parts of our souls... True, it is not easy to forget about them and move on... but if we could only apply a small part of that effort (the effort we make to carry around all the bad energy, all the bad memories, the bad spirits) on to healing our souls, hearts and energies... a brighter world would be upon us. So I shall go to the sea, and leave my baggage behind... those who want me to do the same for them, I know you'll know how to find me.

I am thankfull for thy followers to this blog. I will try not to let it alone for so long anymore.

Many Blessings!


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