Esbats: Storm Moon

“I am the moon that rises from the twilight sea,
I bring men dreams that rule their destiny,
Bring the dream tides to the souls of men,
The tides that ebb and flow and ebb again…

These are the moon tides, these belong to me,
Hera in Heaven, in earth, Persephone,
Levannah of the tides, and Hecate,
Diana of the Moon, Star of the Sea.
These are my secrets, these belong to me…”

                                                          Dion Fortune, The Sea Priestess.

February Esbat – The Storm Moon (13/02/06)

The Storm Moon of February (also known as the Snow, Chaste, Quickening or Hunger Moon) is our wake up call. During this time, all in nature is pure and full of potential. The hibernating creatures are beginning to slowly arouse themselves, quickening their heartbeats, and creeping out or their dormant period. Mother Earth is gently awakening full of quiescent possibilities. The Storm Moon uses the same force upon us. There is a gentle pulling upon our consciousness at this time, we become aroused to the latent forces within ourselves – now is the time to turn the mirror in upon ourselves, and see what is reflected. A time to grasp the buds of new paths and ideas, and like nature, be prepared to welcome life anew.

Before we do so however, we must find our balance. Use this Esbat, to find your inner cornerstone – the bedrock upon which you shall build upon your potential. You may not know what lies ahead for you, but to utilise the power of the Storm Moon means you make plans for your future with the blessing of the Goddess.

As we in the Northern Hemisphere well know, this is a tempestuous time of year in terms of the in weather. So too is the relationship between God and Goddess. The God is now Consort to the Goddess whilst the Goddess is changing from Crone to Maiden, and will soon join the God to dance in the spring. As the weather ebbs and flows between frost and thaw, the undercurrent of energy that is the God slowly awakens the reborn Goddess. She is aroused from Her ice-capped slumber and awakens. The Great Wheel has turned, and the time of transformation is here.

A Storm Moon Ritual.

During this Month we also celebrate Imbolc, the halfway point between winter and spring. Imbolc is a fire festival, a celebration of the waxing light. The Goddess most revered at this time is Bridgit, a Celtic goddess of hearth and home, of healing and transformation. It is particularly apt therefore that during the Storm Moon Esbat (but 10 days after Imbolc), we appeal to the Goddess Bridgit to help us in our quest to fulfil our potential. Persephone is also a favoured Goddess at this time.

It can firstly be beneficial to equate ourselves with the moonlight. It is true that many find darkness unsettling and gloomy, but to take the time to be out of doors at night-time in a place that you feel safe (for example your own back garden) can be extremely relaxing. Noise from traffic is much quieter, and neighbours are indoors with their windows shut, especially at this time of the year! Wrap up warm, make yourself a hot drink, and take the time to just sit, and observe the peacefulness – soak it up. When you are comfortable and at peace, take a while to reflect upon who you are, your strengths and how to build upon them. This does not need to be a great long-term plan; it can be something quite simple and basic, which is indeed in keeping with the concept that this is a time for building upon our foundations. Once you have a come upon your desire, take a pure white candle – (in a lantern holder or similar if the night is windy), and whilst you light it, repeat quietly to yourself, what it is you want. Once your candle is burning brightly, and the flame is strong, chant three times:

“As I light the flame of fire,
Goddess Bridgit, this is my desire,
Help me find my truths untold,
Bring the light of inspiration,
To find my strengths, make me bold.”

Now sit quietly and watch the candle flame, and let the light of the Moon fill you up.

Alternatively, if you celebrate your Esbats with your family, you may each light a candle indoors, having taken your candles out into the moonlight earlier to charge them. Write down the chant beforehand for your children, or sit little ones on your lap whilst you chant it for them! Before you light them, each hold your unlit candles, and imagine the power of the Goddess Moon flowing through your body to strengthen it. Having done this, verbalise your desire for strength and enlightenment – you may wish to use this alternate chant:

“Lady Moon make me strong,
That I may grow,
Hear my song.”

Which is much easier for little ones to remember! Light all the candles, and place them upon your alter, fireplace or other appropriately safe place.

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