The Angel and the Witch

Who said that witches can't have angels? Back in the dark ages, the devil was more involved in everything witchcraft and demons were called "the witche's lovers". But a long time has passed and a lot has happened in the last thousand years or so.

Angels are spirits that can aid a witch in casting his/her spells. Since witches walk between the worlds, they make allies in the different realms. Angels are viewed as safe and comortable for fearful spirits. Some wicca traditions work closely with archangels and other shy away from them, feeling that they hark from Christian beliefs. The roots from angels come from Egypt, Sumer, and Tibet. 

Spirit guides - angels, animal spirits, etc - aid us by offering advice, knowledge and magical bridges in which both (witch and guide) can obtain a blessing. It is my belief that angels also need our aid - that they too are in a learning process and thus need our spirit to grow. Sometimes, you have more than one spirit guide around you. In my case, both angels Kalavan and Raziel are around me at all times and are learning from the angel-human experience.


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