Dream Pillow Charm

From the Book 
"Sticks, Stones, Roots, and Bones" by Stephanie Rose Bird

This dream pillow is desingned for protection, strenght, restful deep sleep, and prophetic dreams. Allergy sufferes should wear a dust  mask for this project and may want to leave out the hops. Susbtite jasmine for the hops if desired.

Botanical Mix:
Handful of dried bay leaves, dried Egyptian chamomille flowers, French lavender buds, dried hops or jasmine, lemon verbena millein, rose petals, and Spanish moss.

1/2 teaspoon of chammiolle essential oil
1/4 lavander essential oil
1/2 teaspoon attar of roses or quality rose fragance oil
2 teaspoons Queen Elizabeth root powder
2 9-inch squares of fabric like fingham linen, hemp, mud cloth...
purple cotton thread
small scarab or Tet

Begin by making the botanical blend. Recite the following chant as you add each ingredient listed into one bowl. Except for the Spanish moss, crumble the ingredientes into small relatively fine pieces.

Geb, help me 
(crumble bay leaves)
Innana relax me 
(crumble chamomille flowers)
Isis keep me safe 
(crumble lavender bids)
Gaia direct my dreams 
(crumble hops or jasmine)
Geb, I thank thee 
(crumble lemon verbena)
Innana guide me to the truth 
(crumble miullein)
Isis shield me 
(crumble rose petals)
Thanks be to Earth Mama for sharing your healing gifts 
(break Spanish moss into 1 inch peaces)

Sprinkle the chamomille and lavender oils and the attar of roses over the botanicals and mix well. Sprinkle the Queen Elizabeth root powder over the mixture and stir again. Place mix in a dark container and seal. Store away from light for 4 weeks, shaking contents constantly. Each time you shakle, reactive the magical quialities of the herbs by reciting

Geb help me
Innana relax me 
Isis keep me safe 
Gaia direct my dreams 
Earth Mama I thank thee 
Geb guide me to the truth 
Innana shield me 
Thank you Isis for sharing your presious gift.

While working the herbs each day and waiting for the mix to mature, make a pillow case with the fabric and thread. When the botanical blend has matured, stuff pillow case with it and insert the scarb or Tet at the end, or save it to glue on the outside of the pillow. To finish, sew 9 knots onto pillow to magically and physically fortify your stitchery: 2 knots near the middle of the top and sides and 3 at bottom. Put your dream pillow into pillowcase.



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