2nd Day of Yule -- The Winter Solstice (and a Holt)

I am trully sorry I haven't been consistent in this blog Party. The main reason for me not posting as often as I want to is because I have no internet access at home. So, in order for me to post these I drive to the nearest coffee store (which shall remain nameless but you can picture it with the siren, the stars, and the yummy yet extraordinarelly expensive coffee) Yet I have figured out that I will write down the posts and then when I get the chance (like this one) to post them, I shall. The good news is that I might be getting internet before the end of the year, so keep your fingers crossed!!

2nd Day of Yule – The Winter Solstice
December 21th

Short days, long nights. I don't know if that is absolutely good in a city like mine...
- Me
As our beloved mother gathers her strength to bring forth the light of the Sun Child into this world, I cannot help but to think how much we need this light of hope, more than ever, particularly in a city like mine. 

Juarez has been described as the most violent city in the world. With over 3,000 murderers this year alone, the wave of blood that started over five or six years ago doesn't seem to want to take a break over winter holidays. However, as the Great Mother gathers her strength, I want to believe that the light of the Sun child will bring hope to the hearts of every single one of us who wish nothing but to leave in peace in this town.

Many times our beloved Lady comes forth and protects us with her cloth. Warm advice comes from her heart, and the path that she shows us in our time of dispair makes even the darkest hours seem nothing more than a whim. So, as she prepares to give birth to the sun god, let us remember that this rebirth brings joy, hope, light, and change. And to that light I will hold on -- to the hope that every effort we are making to bring peace to my town will come to be the child that is born to my Great Mother, and that the new year will bring opportunity for establishing the damaged peace in each of our hearts.


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