The Fall Season in Juarez Town

Fall has come upon the city now known as the most violent city in the world... I don't know whether to feel proud o frightened by the "award" given to my town. Nevertheless, I am here, we all are, and we have to make the most of it. The day-to-day living in this bordertown seems to reject the idea of a violent outcome to the routine. So, we live like it's a last day and we love the same way.

My mother has been particularly sensitive to this dilemma. She has insisted on making me breakfast every day, waiting up for me every night, and that I watch TV with her every afternoon.This came to a very moving conversation we had over the Chile miners that were rescued the other day. She had been stuck to the TV like glue during the entire ordeal and when I asked her why she said, "¡Ay mi'ja! There is so many bad things going on around here, that for just one second I want to pretend that this good thing can happen here too..." And deep down inside I share that same feeling.

In a way, I feel that this time of year represents that. I read somewhere...

Samhain is celebrated on a material as well as a spiritual level.

Materially, it represents a time of gathering resources for the long winter months that are coming. For those who had a bad season through the fall, Samhain is a time to prepare for the perils that winter may bring.

Spiritually, Samhain is a time for reflection and meditation on death, and the honor of your ancestors who have passed to another plane. It is an opportunity to be at one with your past, present and future.
 To me, the time of reflection comes when I sit in the middle of the night, looking out at the night sky and try to keep the bullet noise away. I wonder what is going to happen, how can we stop the madness that is going on here and when is it going to end. What can I do to bring harmony to all around me, to cleanse the spiritual madness that the situation creates, to heal the soul and the heart of all those around me, and to protect the ones I love, the ones I care for, and those who I do not know but I care because they are good people.

This year I know my grandma will be here, because she is worried about her peeps. She will ask for permission and come visit. We miss her. 


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