Herbs of Yule

Herbs of Yule
Bayberry, blessed thistle, laurel, pine, sage, yellow cedar.

  • symbolizing: Continuity of Life, Protection, Prosperity
  • types: Pine, Fir, Cedar, Juniper, other evergreens
  • forms: boughs, wreaths, garlands, trees
  • divinities: Green Goddesses & Gods; Hertha; Cybele, Attis, Dionysius (Pine); Woodland Spirits
  • symbolizing: Protection; Good Luck
  • forms: boughs over portals, wreaths
  • divinities: Holly King; Bacchus; Wood Spirits
  • {Birdlime, Golden Bough, Holy Wood} - Viscum Album
  • Parts Used - Twig & Leaf
  • Herbal Uses - Infusion, Tea, Tincture
  • CAUTION - Berries should not be used for internal consumption - Large doses of this herb have been known to induce convulsions in children
  • Homeopathic Uses - Epileptic aura, petit mal seizures, heart conditions, asthma connected with gout or rheumatism, rheumatic deafness, chorea, metrorrhagia, left-sided ovarian pain, left-side body complaints
  • Magical Uses - Use to combat despair, herb of protection, child theft by fairies, healing, hunting, conception, to bring beautiful dreams, unlock the secrets of immortality through dreams - used for wands and ritual items or placed around a 'Hand of Glory' to ward off thieves - to protect the bearer from werewolves. {Herb of the Sun & Jupiter}
  • CAUTION - You should take note that this herb is considered by many in the study of herbs, to be extremely toxic. It should not be used for medical complaint, without full and total knowledge of it's usage and dosages.
  • {Duir} - Quercus Spp.
  • Parts Used - Bark, Leaf, Acorn
  • Herbal Uses - Infusion, Tea, Salves
  • Homeopathic Uses - Edema, splenetic dropsy, liver problems, gout, alcoholic cravings
  • Magical Uses - Abundance, fertility, longevity, protection, spiritual awareness while remaining fully rooted in the earth plane, it's wood is used for staves and wands, use any parts for protective charms which bring healing. Acorns bring fertility and abundance. Plant in the dark of the moon to bring financial prosperity. {Tree of Jupiter}
  • CAUTION - Parts of this tree contain the compound known as tannic acid. Tannic acid in this form is toxic to humans. Oak bark tea can be bought OTC, if you would prefer. Otherwise, if you intend to use this particular herb, make sure that you do a complete study on how to use it.


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