To Mikuni... with love...

The temperatures are slowly dropping around here. The first sign that the winter is coming abroad is letting itself show as Mikuni, my dear companion, has decided NOT to go out as often as she likes to and rather curl up in bed, the sofa or - as it has been recently stated - next to the heater. 

This morning she gave me the scare of my life when she got out to see me good-bye and off to work and decided to walk with me to the corner, only to cross the street without looking and ALMOST being hit/squashed by a car. I screamed. She stood still and the car flew on top of her. I was crying when she got up and ran towards me. She meowed "It's okay... see? I'm okay!" but still that did not stopped me from taking her in my arms and walking back home to get her inside. When I got home after work, she was waiting for me on the roof and ran to meet me, as she always does.

It has now become so hard to imagine my life without her. Just a couple of years ago, I couldn't see myself sharing my life with a cat, now I cannot see myself not having a cat around -- THIS cat, the one who wakes me up at five in the morning for breakfast, the one who curls-up in my stomach when she's cold at night, the one who sleeps in my shoes, the one who walks me outside and sends me on my way to work, the one who welcomes me back and then goes "now feed me!"... 

I am grateful, that our paths have crossed. Thanks to her, I am finding myself less lonely.... and more understanding of the human heart.


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