The Witch's Path (Highlights)

Our path is not an easy one to take. It is filled with many obstacles, some within ourselves, others from the intolerance from people around us. However, it is how we handle these stones that makes us wiser as we grown within our path as we are individuals who seek knowledge, balance, and peace. In our never-ending task of self-discovery, our life becomes one filled with wonder, joy, passion, and fire to live our lives as witches that we are.

Being aware of our feelings is the essential key to master our soul and thus reach the point of self-loving we need in order to counsil others on this path. Remember that witchcraft rituals are ruled by the principle of "in perfect love", which means that if you cannot love yourself you'll never generate a feeling of perfect love for a ritual; and just as they say that if you cannot love yourself how do you expect others to love you, it is also true that if you cannot love thyself you cannot expect to feel the love back from the God and Goddess around you. Love yourself in order to love others; respect yourself in order to respect others and their views. Take responsability for your words, thoughts and actions for they are powerful tools that can either create or destroy the energy of those around you. Self-awareness stimulates a desire for respect and self-esteem.

Have love for life. Laugh. Have  a good sense of humor. The world is a place of wonder and magic.

The Inner Temple of Witchcraft
by Christopher Penczak


Coffee Junkie

Wow. Nothing happens by chance. I was googling wiccan images and I stumbled upon this: exactly what I needed to hear.

The Gods are wise! I've never heard of Christopher Penczak, but I've already added The Inner Temple of Witchcraft to my Amazon wish list.


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