Upon a Fire

The night between April and May. Special moon that rises over the sky, even if our mortal eyes cannot see her face, we can still sense her presence. And upon a fire this year, I took a moment to meditate upon what Beltane means.

Beltane... the celebration of life in all its forms, shapes and sizes. The rejoycing for the Goddess and the God have found eachother in love and are now walking the lands by the hand. Spring and Summer are upon us --- the season in which life begins and settles.

In a place surrounded by death it is hard to celebrate life. Yet I found myself dancing around the fire, chanting and joyful that the goddess had granted my plants their rebirth for one more year after that frosty cold. I asked for guidance during the year and I renewed my vows to follow in her path.

I will accept all positive energy and reject the negative one; I will send healing energy and do my best to take care of my world. I will take joy in the laughter of my nieces and nephew and be patient when they are feeling moody. I will bring no harm for I am not a judge nor jury --- I will allow karma to take care of itself. I will welcome love into my life, even when I am afraid to welcome it. I will accept the fact that no one is perfect, but then again, neither am I. I am at peace with  myself and so I shall try to bring peace to others. I will receive the lessons that life has to give me with patience, for I know that I am still learning as I walk along this path. I will welcome those who wish to walk along with me, and say good bye with glee when they decide to go their separate ways. I will not cry for departure, for I will once again see those beloved people again yet I will not accept those who try to bring me harm. I will accept people for who they are and I will accept the fact that many of them will not accept me --- I will try and be patient with those people. I will try to be tolerant of those who are not tolerant and I will not forgive those who bring misery, hurt, pain, or horror to my home or to my loved ones. I will try to forgive when forgiveness is ased, I will try to forgive when forgiveness is not asked... but I will not forgive those who bring tears for no other reason but to be cruel. I will not forgive cruelty to animals, plants or any other living creature in this planet.

I will allow the love of my Great Mother to embrace me and the fire of my Beloved Father to protect me.


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