Welcome, Oh Great Quetzaltcoatl

From the heavens you descend. Welcome, oh great one! Let your energy fill us, purify us and reconnect us with the spirit of our Mother. Winter has been cold and harsh, but your energy will fill us for another season; your light will vanquish the darkness and your power will protect us from all that is evil.

Touch our mother's womb, and bring forth the abundance from which she nourishes us, and feeds us, and protects us. Release us from the negative energies that we have carried and bring us hope for a better tomorrow.

Enlighten us. Fill us with your wisdom. Fill us with your love and protection. Our father, our lord. Feathered snake that descends from the heavens and carries with him the part of our soul that is reborn each cycle. Mighty warrior who protects his children who were made from the same sacred corn as he long ago by the four winds -- listen... listen to the sound of the caracol, rising sounds through the winds.

A new cycle has begun. The Feathered Snake has returned home.


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