Hello. My name is Yuvia and I am a witch.

It took me a long time to come to this realization. I went through several stages, from denial to shame. I even tried to change my beliefs to please others – mainly friends and family, who told me time and time again that I was wrong and that the voices I heard in my heart were wrong. It took me a long time to recognize myself within this universe and now I am at peace, knowing that my path is the right path – one filled with light, hope, joy, and most of all, wisdom.

I learned that you have to accept youself before you can accept others. That you do not hold all the answers – not even the Goddess has all the answers. I learned that you are constantly learning, and that the moment you stop learning is the moment you die. That good and evil are within all of us – that neither of us hold within absolute good nor absolute evil. That kidness and loyalty is  a two-way street, and that everything you do in this world comes back to you, three times fold.

Once I learned to accept myself, I was no longer afraid. If friends walked away it was because they couldn’t accept me as I am and I should respect their decision. If family turned their back on me, they would come around because there is love. And all those things I was afraid of was just fear of what I could find in me. I’ve never been happier with who I am and whatI can do. And that joy has returned three times fold.

I am a Witch. Witchcraft is a form of life – a way of being one with the Gods in the best way you can be. I am an Eclectic Witch – Solitary, Hereditary, Eclectic. I have a guardian angel whose job is to keep me safe and a Grand Master – an archangel whose name is Raziel. A familiar Goddess who likes to go out at night to talk to the moon, and a familiar-Goddess-in-training who still needs some guidance not to pee inside the room. My mother is happy that I have embraced  my tradition (there is one in every generation) and my father has come to respect my points of view (o though sometimes he does get a little feaked-out but, it's all good). I am a Witch and I use my powers for good… 90% of the time (I cannot be good all the time).

I am in constat change. This page is live example.


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