How to Celebrate Mabon

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How to Celebrate Mabon

In many modern pagan traditions, Mabon is the name given to the autumnal equinox, which is celebrated as one of the eight major sabbaths, or holidays. This holiday occurs in late September in the northern hemisphere, and is the second of the three harvest festivals, which begin with Lughnasadh and end with Samhain or Halloween. Traditionally, festivals celebrated at this time of year were also known as Harvest Home or Thanksgiving.
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  1. Celebrate Mabon with arts, crafts, games and other skilled activities. The second harvest festival marks the time when the focus on outdoor summer activities begins to decrease, and the focus on indoor activities increases. Also, many modern people have associations with this season as the beginning of the school year. It's a great time to start some new projects to work on through the winter.

  2. Spend some time thinking about your career or calling at this time of year. Is your job satisfying to you? Are there any steps you could take to commemorate the occasion by moving ahead in your work, beginning a course or study or switching to a more fulfilling profession? It's an auspicious holiday for new directions in education and work.

  3. Have a harvest meal. Many people like to celebrate Mabon with a Thanksgiving-like meal, since it is the most abundant time of year for late summer and autumn foods. On the other hand, a simple meal can also go well with the contemplative nature of this time of year. Serve seasonal foods like breads, soups, herbs and apples.

  4. Preserve fresh foods. Celebrate Mabon with the seasonal tradition of stocking up your pantry with the summer foods that will soon be gone. It's a great time of year for canning, freezing, drying, and making jams, soup stocks, and herbal blends. Preparing these foods for winter is a visceral way to get involved in the turning of the seasons, even though food is now available throughout the winter.

  5. Spend time outside. The focus may be shifting to indoor activities, but the nice weather isn't over yet! Enjoy the cooler days and the bright fall colors. Pick up some red and yellow leaves and other seasonal items for decorating your home or altar, or incorporating in craft projects.

How to celebrate the Harvest Festival Mabon

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Mabon or Autumn Equinox is celebrated by many pagans each year around September 22nd. As a Harvest Festival, this Sabbath acknowledges the equal length of night and day.
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  1. Decorate your home and altar in autumn colors, such as gold, orange-red, copper and bronze.
    Typical altar cloth colors for this season is gold, but varies by tradition.
  2. Celebrate with a simple ritual. Possible ritual themes are harvest and thanksgiving, the changing of the season, and the preparation for the dark part of the year.
  3. Using special incenses and oils associated with the season is also a great aspect to incorporate into your celebration. Sage, rosemary, marigolds, and apples can be used here.
  4. The Equinox Feast, similar to the traditional Thanksgiving of the US, can make use of the now harvested foods and herbs, for example by preparing dishes with apple, squash and pumpkins and meat dishes that are made with the robust flavors of the seasons herbs.
  5. Activities such as making wreaths decorated with ribbons, accorns and cinamon sticks are fun, and can beautify your home, quickly and inexpensively.


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