A Witch's Most Useful Herbs

There are many useful herbs to be found in the world today. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough room in their kitchen (or their wallets) for hundreds of bottles of dried herbs. There are many herbs that are considered the best in their field and often do more than just one job. Here, I have listed some of the most useful herbs and most can be found in almost any witch's cabinet.
Sage: Sage has many uses aside from the traditional medicinal uses. It is used by witches and Native Americans as smudging sticks for purifying their surroundings or objects. When used medicinally, it can relieve all kinds of symptoms. The dried leaves of the plant are used. It is a relaxant and is good for headaches and releases tension. Bathing in the tea is very soothing when you are sick from a cold or flue and when used as a rinse prevents dandruff and graying of hair. It can be taken as a tea or in pill form to relieve problems of the lungs and bronchial system.
Valerian: Valerian is one of the most beneficial herbs known to man. It has incredible sedative properties and is very close to valium without chemical dependency or side effects. Although it smells a little like dirty feet, it has a pleasant taste with just a little sugar. It also cures insomnia without causing a drugging effect. Valerian is useful for tension, hysteria, nerves, headaches, insomnia and as a relaxant.
Mullein: Here is an herb that I only recently came across when a friend recommended some for David's bronchitis. Mullein is good for all chest ailments, but, unlike other herbs, has the added punch of also being an antibacterial. Mullein is wonderful for pneumonia, colds, flu, cough, congestion, fluid in the lungs and all other chest ailments including asthma. Along with black pepper, it is the best thing to take during any illness and is found in most health food stores.
Peppermint: Aside from being a pleasant tasting tea, peppermint also helps with the lungs and throat. It is a decongestant and keeps lungs healthy and in good working order. It is a nice tea to give to children and we substitute it for soda pop and juices that are too sugary for little ones. Children will ask for it by name!


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